DGL Annual Meeting


Vierzig Jahre  Einfluss auf Süßwassersysteme

Forty years of human impact on freshwater systems

39th DGL Annual Meeting 2024


TUD Dresden University of Technology,

16–20 September 2024

Photos: Felix Grunicke

Dear limnologists, dear DGL and SIL members,

The German Society of Limnology (DGL), in cooperation with the Institute of Hydrobiology at TUD Dresden University of Technology, cordially invites you to the 39th Annual Meeting of the DGL in Dresden from 16 to 20 September 2024. The year 2024 also marks the 40th anniversary of the DGL.

The motto of this year's meeting is:

Vierzig Jahre Einfluss auf Süßwassersysteme – Forty years of human impact on freshwater systems

It is a period of heavy pressure on water bodies due to high utilisation intensity, environmental pollution, neobiota, habitat constriction and the clearly noticeable effects of the climate crisis. On the other hand, the last 40 years also illustrate special efforts and achievements in the understanding of limnic ecosystems and the protection of water bodies.

Our meeting is intended to contribute to advancing the understanding and protection of water bodies in changing times, to highlight proven and innovative solutions, to visualise successes and to take a bold look into the future. Bridging the gap between basic research and application is particularly important to us. Functioning bridges can be built from both sides.

Success has undoubtedly been achieved in the fight against eutrophication, primary toxic and organic pollution, but the implementation of the Water Framework Directive is progressing more slowly than hoped. The restoration of habitat connectivity, the reduction of trace substances and the preservation of biodiversity are more urgent than ever. Existing lighthouse projects show what is possible. Today, the growing tasks are supported by a strong international network and new methods, whether in the laboratory or in the field, organismic or molecular biological, analogue or digital. We want to and can utilise these opportunities.

40 years of DGL, 40 years speak for themselves – and actually you will speak for them!

The aim of the conference is to present and discuss the latest findings, challenges and successes in the field of limnology and related disciplines. In addition, the annual conference aims to promote communication and networking among young limnologists as well as the exchange between science, authorities, engineering offices and industry. With this in mind, let's celebrate in style and set sail for the next 40 years of the DGL!

We look forward to welcoming you to Dresden in September!

Your conference team

Ulrike Haase, Thea Hose, Dirk Jungmann, Uli Klümper, David Kneis, Thomas Petzoldt, Annekatrin Wagner, Thomas Berendonk | TUD, Institute of Hydrobiology

Hilde Feldmann | F&U confirm

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